What is Pathways Step2?

Once a resident is adequately assessed to have recovered from injury or illness in the Assisted Living Facility side at Pathways to Care, they may elect to apply to our Step2 program located on the rear side of our building. Currently, Step2 only serves males. Residents who live in Step2 have a goal to obtain housing, find gainful employment, further their education and/or wait for financial benefits to activate. Step2 residents are given more autonomy and are responsible for regular administration of their medications, making and scheduling their own medical appointments, and purchasing their own supplemental food items. Pathways to Care case mangers work with the resident in Step2 to choose and secure the most appropriate housing solution for their situation for when they are ready to leave the program. As with an exit from Pathways to Care, this housing could be independently living in an apartment, sharing a home with family or friends, a long-term medical facility, group housing, VA housing, or other type of housing opportunity.

During their transition, case managers provide support to residents on how to better budget their expenses, run their credit reports, pay off old debts, and manage their disability income to have a greater chance of qualifying for housing. Staff also guide residents on how to properly care for and clean their living areas along with other life skills needed to live as independently as possible. Those who more able bodied are assisted by staff with job applications, interview preparation and other employment seeking tasks.

Step2 residents continue to have access to case management services, therapeutic activities, and meals when the dining room is open. Residents in Step2 are working towards greater overall independence as they transition out of the program completely. The average Step2 resident resides at Pathways to Care to save income and work towards housing or employment.