Listen to a success story from a former Pathways to Care resident.

Suzy's Story

Suzy is a 30yr old white female with HIV/AIDS, due to IV drug abuse. She had many other health concerns as a result of her compromised immune system. Her prognosis was so poor that hospice care had been consulted. 

When she came first arrived at Pathways to Care, Suzy weighed 98 pounds. Suzy was so frail that the day after she arrived, she needed to return to the ER. For several months, frequent ER visits followed. Over time, the need for the ER diminished. Suzy has not gone to the ER in over 5 months and is established
with a community PCP.

1 year later, following a prescribed medication regimen and enjoying three daily nutritional balanced meals, Suzy has met her target weight.

Because of her lifestyle, Suzy had become estranged from her parents and daughter. Today her father visits regularly and she is working on re-establishing a relationship with her daughter.

Suzy’s energy has returned! She is riding a bicycle 3-4 miles daily. Her goals now include looking for employment, returning to college, and getting her own place.

Suzy initially was admitted into Pathways to Care because of her declining health. She recently transitioned into Pathways Step2 which allows for more independence.