Healthcare Services

Pathways to Care Assisted Living reinforces the doctor-prescribed medication regimen.  We develop with the resident a personalized accurate medication schedule. We provide safe storage and handling of medications. During their stay, we assist residents with medication refills as one of our key objectives.

All Pathways to Care staff are certified in First Aid and CPR.  Our facility is staffed 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

One of our main objectives at Pathways to Care is to connect our residents with primary and specialty care providers. Our goal is for residents to establish a medical home in the community that they continue with even after their successful discharge from our program. We partner with local pharmaceutical resources who provide affordable prescription and medical supply options to our residents. Our clinical services staff assist residents with appointment setting, patient-doctor dialogue, and advocacy.

Our clinical services staff arrange transportation for residents to and from medical appointments. Transportation options include use of our in-house vehicles, insurance covered transportation, or door to door public transportation for disabled and medically compromised individuals. We have a dedicated driver and our facility vehicles can accommodate manual wheelchairs and walkers.

These Home Health Services may include skilled nursing care, such as ostomy, catheter and wound care, and health education.

Residents staying in our facility are provided with registered dietitian-approved meals three (3) times each day. A variety of fruits and vegetables are available daily. While staying at our facility, residents are encouraged to manage dietary requirements and restrictions.

Pathways to Care provides toiletries and personal hygiene items to all residents.  Bedding, towels and resident clothing are laundered on-site by facility staff.

These are the forms needed to make a referral to Pathways to Care or Pathways Step2.
Completed forms should be faxed to 407-388-0478
How To Refer
AHCA 1823 Required for Admission Please print and fax completed/ signed 1823 form to (407) 388-0478
Tips on How to Complete 1823

Case Management

case management doing assessment

One of the first things completed during intake is a social needs assessment. Case management staff complete a Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT) and an entry form for Homeless Management Information System HMIS).   The objective of these assessments is to identify the individual’s needs and set goals that complement their medical recuperation. Plans are modified as goals are met and/or changed.

Residents meet weekly, or more frequently as needed, with case management.  We help residents meet their medical, nutritional, social, behavioral health and future housing goals.

Navigating benefit systems can be overwhelming. Case managers help residents find their way through the Social Security system, disability income applications, food stamp applications, and more. They also assist residents in obtaining a Florida ID from the DMV.

Case managers work with residents and advocate on their behalf to access community resources. They accompany residents to social service appointments and community agencies as needed.

Case managers work with residents to rebuild their life skills to include personal care, basic housekeeping and preparation for life after Pathways.

Once a resident has been deemed medically stable, a discharge plan is developed.  The plan may include reconnection with family and loved ones. Additionally, referrals to employment and/or recovery programs can be made.